Employer Law Services

The Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown is creating a wide variety of serious and urgent employment law issues for businesses of all sizes.

The Association of Pandemic Lawyers is able to provide employers with practical and expert assistance and representation on all aspects of UK employment law with an emphasis on the problems caused by the current crisis.

Our lawyers have comprehensively analysed the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Covid19 Self-employment Income Support Scheme as well as the continuing updates on both Schemes. We are available to provide employers with the necessary advice and guidance needed to successfully navigate these Schemes.

The pandemic and lockdown has created an urgent need for many employers to agree changes with their employees to their contracts of employment. We can advise employers as to the most effective and fair processes for negotiating and agreeing such changes in these difficult times, thereby minimising the risk of subsequent breach of contract or unlawful deduction of wages claims.

We can also advise and assist employers in ensuring that they have the correct Home Working policies in place. We can also assist employers in minimising the risk of discrimination claims arising from their approach to home working under the lockdown.

The current crisis is likely to force many employers into job cuts. We can provide practical and expert advice as to how to prepare for this. We can advise and assist employers as to the consultation steps that they need to undertake to ensure that any dismissal is reasonable and fair. In particular, we can assist employers who are planning to make large scale redundancies with the rigorous statutory consultation exercise that is required in such circumstances.

We can provide expert and experienced legal representation in defending all types of employment law claims brought by employees and former employees and workers against employers in the employment tribunals and the civil courts.