Family Law Services

The Association of Pandemic Lawyers have assembled a strong and experienced team of family solicitors and barristers who are sensitive to the very particular needs of our clients at this time and are committed to assisting them with issues arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic. We can provide you with urgent advice either by phone or face-to-face by way of various video platforms.

Domestic Abuse

All of our lawyers have experience in conducting cases involving allegations of domestic abuse, whether in dealing with urgent applications for protection on a stand-alone basis or in connection with Children Act proceedings.

Many in our team have had experience in conducting criminal litigation and can bring that unique perspective to these family cases as they are able to provide advice as to possible criminal proceedings and issues of disclosure between the family and the criminal courts.

We appreciate that often these cases arise in emergency situations and that, at the moment, it may be particularly difficult for clients to find a way in which to seek the advice they need on a confidential basis. In such cases please contact us for immediate assistance and we will try to accommodate your needs in order to be able to provide you with private advice on an urgent basis. We are providing initial free consultations for those families in domestic abuse situations.

Private Law Children

Our lawyers are used to dealing with all kinds of disputes about children. We appreciate that the Covid-19 crisis is causing a great deal of anxiety to families. There may be some confusion surrounding what the current situation means for their particular circumstances and families may be struggling in striking a balance between trying to protect the health of their children and potentially placing themselves in breach of Child Arrangements Orders. We have experience of dealing with cases involving the obtaining and enforcing of Child Arrangement Orders, as well as intractable disputes about such orders, and can give our clients clear advice on what the current situation means for their individual circumstances; provide them with reassurance in terms of what they are doing; and find ways to help them navigate the stresses caused by the crisis in the best interests of the children concerned, without resorting to the courts, unless necessary, during a time when access to them is very limited.

Public Law Children

Our team is regularly instructed to represent parents, family members, children and local authorities in care proceedings and other public children law proceedings. Members have considerable experience in dealing with cases involving allegations of neglect, sexual abuse and non-accidental injuries as well as dealing with experts across a wide range of fields, and we are sensitive to the pressures caused by the current situation and the impact this may be having on those who were already in vulnerable situations. Many of our members have experience in other areas of law such as immigration and crime, allowing us to provide a comprehensive advisory service to our clients.


We have experience in litigating all types of applications involving both married and unmarried parties, whether in in this jurisdiction or overseas. Clients may be particularly concerned during the current Covid-19 crisis about what impact it may have upon potential financial settlement and on extant financial orders, such as spousal maintenance orders.

International Family Law

We have members of our team who are experienced in dealing with cases which involve cross-border and cross-jurisdictional issues. Members are fluent in a variety of overseas languages including Spanish.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Members of our team are proud to be able to offer, in addition to litigation services, various ADR options for family cases including:

• Mediation
• Collaborative law
• Early Neutral Evaluation
• Private FDRs