Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The Association of Pandemic Lawyers is able to provide employers and the self-employed with practical and expert assistance in relation to the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Covid19 Self-employment Income Support Scheme.

We can assist you with every aspect of the Job Retention Scheme, including:

• Advising you as to which employees and workers may be furloughed under the Scheme.

• How you should approach selecting employees and workers to be furloughed.

• How to reach agreement with employees or workers to be placed on furlough, especially if you intend to reduce their pay whilst on furlough.

• Preparing a furlough agreement for you and your employees and workers.

• What furloughed employees and workers can and cannot do whilst on furlough.

• How to address issues such as holiday leave and sick leave (including self isolation requirements) when an employee or worker is furloughed.

• How to make the application to HMRC for a furlough grant.

• How to prepare to come out of furlough.

We can also provide practical and expert advice on the Covid19 Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, including areas such as:

Advising you as to whether you are eligible, how much you can claim and, when the GOV.UK online service is made available to make claims, how to make a claim.