To foster and promote the understanding of legal issues relating to pandemics (including, but not limited to, the Covid19 pandemic) amongst lawyers, academics and other interested parties, both nationally and internationally.


To promote and develop expertise in areas of law impacted by the Covid19 pandemic through research, education and the dissemination of information and knowledge to all interested parties.


To promote, encourage and develop cooperation amongst lawyers in the field of pandemic law, both nationally and internationally.


To promote an awareness of the relevant laws (statutes, regulations and common law) that relate to all areas affected by the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown.


To promote and advocate for changes to statutes and regulations to:

a.    ensure that the detrimental impact of the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown are minimised; and
b.    reduce the chances of any future potential pandemic having the same or worse consequences than the Covid19 pandemic.


To encourage, procure and promote the writing and publication of legal articles, reports, books and other written works on areas related to pandemic law.


To arrange and hold lectures, conferences, seminars and webinars on pandemic legal issues.


To promote and encourage organised research into pandemic legal issues and publish the results of that research where it may of interest to the legal profession or wider public.


To facilitate the provision of legal services to all impacted by the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown.